Nuestro centro

Consideramos esencial para el aprendizaje de inglés un entorno adecuado…

En nuestro centro disponemos de varias aulas con mobiliario adaptado a cada edad, intentando hacer un espacio agradable con colores que transmitan optimismo y energía.

En Talking English Academy encontrarás la última tecnología dirigida a la enseñanza. Pizarras interactivas, ordenadores portátiles y un método de aprendizaje con un gran soporte multimedia.

Clases impartidas en Inglés

Grupos reducidos (9 alumnos como máximo)

Materiales cuidadosamente elegidos según edad y capacidad

Clases dinámicas y amenas

Actividades lúdicas

Mucho énfasis en el aspecto oral y auditivo

Profesorado nativo cualificado

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Work with us

For legal reasons we usually only employ teachers from EU countries or those from outside the EU who already have official residence in Spain
Teachers should have a good level of education and be interested in improving themselves.

Most teachers will have a degree, but more important than this is the interest in one´s continuing education and also the willingness/disposition to help others

Teachers are usually expected to have a TEFL qualification such as an TEFLA, CELTA or TRINITY TESOL certificate

We are happy to employ a wide range of teachers, some with little or no experience and others with much more. As we have specific departments we are always interested in people with specific experience for example with Young Learners or juniors and teens, whether this experience be in an EFL environment or a state educational system. Teachers with experience teaching adults in respected academies are also welcome to apply

Personal attributes are perhaps our greatest consideration.We are looking for teachers who genuinely enjoy teaching, take pride in their work and are concerned about their students’ progress and welfare.They should be friendly, eager to learn, easy to work with, willing to share ideas, good humoured and prepared to make a positive contribution to the school. We for our part try to be friendly, understanding, supportive and provide good working conditions

A full-time contract in 24 contact hours.

Teachers may teach a mix of young learners, juniors, teens or adults.

Teachers work in blocks usually between 16.00 and 21.00, Monday to Friday.

Duties include lesson planning, class admin, report writing and parents’ meetings.

The contract runs from October to end-June.

We offer a competitive salary with a series of increments depending on experience and fully paid holidays.

For more information contact the Head of Studies: